2013 Week 42: Stretching my wings

Keryn and kids spent a week with us in 2012.

Keryn and kids spent a week with us in 2012.

If you read my blog, you’re most likely a friend or family member so you may already be aware that I have taken on a new project. But it’s time to formally announce that I’ve joined my graduate school friend, Keryn Means, at her family travel blog. It’s called Walking On Travels and it’s a great resource for parents who may be daunted by traveling with kids or anyone interested in tips for making travel easier, more enjoyable and turning travel nightmares into great memories.

Keryn and I met seven years ago on our first day at Medill School of Journalism. We started chit chatting and it’s fair to say we haven’t shut up since.

Our timing is practically perfect. Life dramas tend to alternate between us, so over the years we’ve had the energy for each other when bosses made unreasonable demands, when we questioned our career paths, when we had kids, when we questioned our life paths. We also share a love for exploring, even when we’re a little nervous about the prospect. Keryn, for instance, took her young son on a business trip across the planet, which meant flying alone with a child from Seattle to China.

When people (foolishly) told Keryn that her wanderlust would have to be put on hold while she had kids, she realized there were probably a lot of parents who feared travel with their little ones. Parents might not know what to expect from jet lag, flying solo, flying while pregnant, taking long road trips or exposing kids to unusual foods in foreign countries. She knows the fears but she also knows how rewarding even the craziest times can be.

Keryn started collecting travel tips, writing stories about her own experiences, attending conferences, stretching her reach in the blogosphere and into the lives of loads of families.

From time to time she would ask me to help her tweak a post, edit a page, brainstorm an idea.

This summer, when my second daughter was just a few months old, I started to get cabin (crib?) fever. I missed writing regularly, collaborating with coworkers. I contemplated work opportunities but am not anywhere near ready, or interested in full-time work. But I wanted to feed the creative beast that’s been on diaper duty for two years. So I asked Keryn if she needed help. If you’ve seen her prolific blog, you know that’s a silly question.

She manages not only to raise two beautiful boys who happily tear up the house with soccer balls and sippy cups, but also takes them out exploring their hometown and the globe. She writes travel tips and narratives several times a week, she helps with charities, all without pay for the love of travel. On top of this, she’s building a portfolio of freelance articles she’s had published in a handful of publications.

Needless to say, she welcomed the help and I am excited to work with her whenever I can.

So, if you have kids, if you love travel, if you want to support a great site, pop over to Walking On Travels, like the page and tell your friends. Also, please, please, please, send along any feedback, questions or topics you’d like to read more about.

Happy trails!

About Tara McLaughlin

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two girls in my boyfriend's hometown of Bern, Switzerland. Life as a new mom in a foreign country has been, in so many ways, rewarding and challenging. I will document that journey here, on Another 52 Weeks.
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