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Week 35: No more excuses. Language school.

I’ve been in Switzerland for more than a year now and have no idea how to introduce myself in German. I can’t order from a menu. I can’t count past four. I tried Rosetta Stone. I have no self motivation … Continue reading

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Week 34: All that free time

Will I sleep or write? Will I go for a walk or veg in front of the television with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s? The possibilities are endless. Starting this week, I will have a couple of hours alone … Continue reading

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Week 32: Weaning, thank God!

My challenge last week was to completely wean Sophie from nursing. While the challenge itself was easy, I thought I’d reflect a little on the year’s experience — the difficulties, the triumphs (and yes, they felt like triumphs) and the … Continue reading

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Week 33: Back to the small stuff, the laundry quandry

I have been pretty under the weather the past few weeks but on the up in recent days. I’m still dragging however, with e-mails unanswered, bills unopened, the easiest possible lunches to prepare and a permanent indent on the couch … Continue reading

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