Week 20: Laugh at the little things

Just a quick post to say, well, laugh at the little things. Babies are great reminders of this. Enjoy. (Oh, and yes, I know it’s a week late. Sorry. But you’ll like it.)


About Tara McLaughlin

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two girls in my boyfriend's hometown of Bern, Switzerland. Life as a new mom in a foreign country has been, in so many ways, rewarding and challenging. I will document that journey here, on Another 52 Weeks.
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2 Responses to Week 20: Laugh at the little things

  1. Mom says:

    all the laughing baby vidios i have watched, my Little Swiss Miss is second ONLY in my heart to her moms and aunts history of laugh fests… 21 days until I get to experience her laugh in person

  2. ChristinaGlazar says:

    What a nice way to start my week with that cute clip …. have a good week …. Gruesse aus Texas … Tschuess und bis bald!

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