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Week 21: Leaving the baby with someone else

Sophie, for the first time, spent time with her grandparents and uncle without Mom and Dad. Equally as noteworthy, “Mom and Dad” transformed back into “Tara and Dominique” for a couple of hours. It was fabulous. We put the top … Continue reading

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Week 20: Laugh at the little things

Just a quick post to say, well, laugh at the little things. Babies are great reminders of this. Enjoy. (Oh, and yes, I know it’s a week late. Sorry. But you’ll like it.)

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Week 19: Keeping track

One of the most amazing things I’ve learned as a stay-at-home mom has been watching Sophie unfold from a swaddled newborn into a cruising, curious hurricane of destruction. Sophie turned 9 months old on Saturday and to say time has … Continue reading

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Week 18: Little lessons everywhere

We recently went to visit Sophie’s great-grandmother in a small Western Switzerland village, Môtiers. I adore this place. Strolling the streets is like walking back in time. The centuries old cobblestones, fountains and buildings lead you on a walking museum … Continue reading

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